Step 7: Develop quality assurance and quality control (QA and QC) procedures and data management plans

  • Review the standard QA and QC procedures for AIM efforts to ensure that you understand your roles and responsibilities when it comes to data management.  General information can be found on the AIM Landscape Toolbox under Quality Assurance and Quality Control.
  • Data management for BLM AIM efforts is supported by the NOC through standardized electronic data capture and management.  More information is available on the AIM Landscape Toolbox under Data Management
  • Document what data management and QA and QC procedures will be implemented during each field season, including whether you plan to follow or add to the standard procedures. 
  • For supplemental monitoring methods, additional data management plans and QC procedures will be needed, including training and electronic data capture and storage.  Document those procedures here 

Step 7 Example: Data Management

Terrestrial – Data management, quality assurance, and quality control for the terrestrial core indicators will follow the standard procedures in th Terrestrial AIM Data Management Protocol available on the AIM Landscape Toolbox.  

Step 7: Develop quality assurance and quality control (QA and QC) procedures and data management plans

Supplemental indicators require additional data management and quality considerations.  Distance to nearest sagebrush patch and distance to nearest juniper/tall structure will be captured in an Excel spreadsheet following the field season.  Sagebrush shape will be electronically captured using DIMA along with the Line Point Intercept method.  Supplemental training for field crews and field office staff will be made available after the AIM terrestrial core methods training to ensure that these methods are implemented successfully.

Lotic –  Standard procedures for lotic core indicators may be found in the Lotic Data Management and QAQC Protocol.

E. coli indicator data will be managed by the district aquatic ecologist.

Helpful Documents and Links

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Monitoring Manual for Grassland, Shrubland, and Savanna Ecosystems Vol. I

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